After a visit back to my homeland I stopped over in LA before heading back to Sydney. I'm thinking I'll always try to do this now as it made the long haul flight bearable.  While in LA I visited one of my oldest friends Gabrielle. She is an artist and stylist who lives in the most enchanting loft in downtown LA (which is so much nicer than I remember, DTLA is on the rise, people).

We knew we wanted to create together but time was limited, and as any creative knows, pulling together a shoot with different contributors and props can be a ton of work. We decided to stay put in her loft and collaborate just the two of us. The flower market is only a few blocks away so we went down together to pick out some blooms and sort out our colour palette--the palette would play as our main source of inspiration for what we would create.

I had been missing flowers deeply and aching to arrange again. After we picked our blooms Gabi created her colour palette based off the colours of the flowers and we set to work. We wanted to see what it would be like to create side by side using the same inspiration but different mediums. She painted, I arranged, and I think what we ended up with was really beautiful.

The whole experience put me on a high, and I absolutely need to do it again. I'm really interested in the idea of collaborating with more artists in this way, not just visual art and flowers--I bet we could do this with different mediums. Please feel free to reach out if you are an artist and this sparks some sort of interest in you. I'm not sure yet what this will look like or even what to call it but stay tuned because my mind is spinning with ideas.