It's summer in Sydney and I'm finding the heat makes me really agitated.. I literally googled the other day "can the heat make you angry"? because I feel like the incredible hulk over here, I'm losing it.

I worry about the flowers in this heat too. A lot of florist in Sydney won't even take on weddings in January because it's just too stressful to keep the blooms alive. I only took two and so far so good.

I'm thinking back to Spring, when all my favourites were in season...ranunculus, hellebore, anemone. Here are a few iphone images from those cooler days.

Tara & Michael :  Tara is without a doubt, the most lovely woman in all of Sydney. Working on her wedding was an absolute delight and privilege. Her wedding venue needed to be changed only a few days before and she handled it beautifully. Tara loves heavily fragranced flowers so I made sure to incorporate lilac, David Austens and O'hara roses into her palette of white, blush, burgundy and sage.

Alyssa & Luigerr: Alyssa came to me only a few weeks before her big day and I'm so glad she did. I only created her bridal party florals but they are some of my favourites from last season. Alyssa's favourite flower is an anemone and I was a bit worried we were too late in the season to get them. Luckily they were available as were some of the juiciest evelyn roses I have ever seen! Alyssa was so lovely and even texted me after I had dropped the bouquets off to tell me again how much she loved them. I was so touched that she took the time out of her special day to tell me that, even a second time.

Marija & Dave: This one was a real game changer for me. At the time it was my biggest wedding yet. We had 2 vans and 1 SUV full of flowers & foliage and I had a team of 5 freelancers working for me. Lovely Marija had such a beautiful vision for her day. Since we couldn't be in the country we were bringing the country to the city. I loved the combination of tall tree arrangements mixed with shorter floral arrangements and the hanging foliage from the roof. As always, a pleasure to work with stylist Megs from The Style Palette on this one, that girl is pure sunshine. I cried the whole way home because I was so happy with how it all turned out.