One year ago I officially launched my business. By "launched" I mean, I put a photo of my logo up on instagram and changed my name from Cara Fitch to Trille Floral. The moment I hit send I immediately threw a blanket over my head! I felt so excited, so nervous, SO exposed. The outpouring of encouragement from friends and strangers was so wonderful. It was that same support that got me through the highs and a few lows of this past year. When I started, my goals had nothing to do with the amount of weddings I wanted to get a year. Since I truly felt like I was starting from scratch over here in a new country, I focused on creating a brand, navigating the Sydney flower market and making friends in the industry. I think it's so important to have positive relationships with different types of creatives in the field and I feel so lucky, a year later to have met and worked with some incredible photographers, stylists, designers, florists, bakers, hair & makeup artists, calligraphers and other creatives that I now call friends. 

 For years I've loved flowers deeply, but this year I feel so much more connected to them and I'm excited to keep learning with them. I feel like the luckiest girl on planet earth that I get to work with flowers so thank you to my friends, family and strangers for their support, to my wonderful brides for trusting me and special thanks to Noah and Myra, I could not have done this without you two.