Sometimes, to keep track of what is in season, I'll scroll back a few months on my phone and see what ingredients I was using in particular months. Doing this gives me an idea of what could be available for a bride getting married at a similar time. As we know, mother nature is temperamental AF so it's not exact but it does give me an idea of what we can expect to see. I came across that fleeting period where tree peonies graced us with their glorious presence and I had to include some images on here. They are so spectacular and unassuming at could easily walk past them at the market because their little heads are closed up so tight and buried under long floppy foliage. But once you take them home and give them a little time they will open up as big as your face. They are one of those flowers that feel like therapy -- It has to be good for you to be around them because they do weird things to my heart (same as puppies, arrival gates and ocean swims). Below are a few images from that time.