It's been raining non-stop the past few days. I actually really like it. I feel more like myself when the weather is a bit gloomy. I've always been drawn to melancholy...music, movies, colours, weather--all of it. Now I'm remembering that embarrassing "Emo stage" a lot of us went through at age 13, 14....I was really good at that. Two days ago I was snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. It was some of the most tropical landscape I've ever seen. Beautiful. Really, truly beautiful and I think I'll write about the coral I saw in another post because I can't imagine the palettes I saw there exist anywhere else. So two days ago I was in a tropical paradise and I was really happy when I checked my weather app and it forecasted Sydney for rain....and a lot of it. That's a very unpopular thing to say.

I didn't exactly mean to write about this.

People say you talk about weather when you have nothing else to talk about. I disagree. Sometimes in Australia it's all you can talk about because the heat waves or the thunderstorms are really aggressive here, I find at least.

I did want to mention the rain. Because one of my favourite times to arrange flowers is when it's raining. Something about the light and the sound makes me feel relaxed yet concentrated. 

I just found out that a shoot I was lucky enough to be a part of is going to be featured on Once Wed (!!!!!). That's a big deal to me and I feel really honoured to have been a part of this shoot.

Below is an image from that day taken by David of me arranging in the rain.