This shoot was recently featured on Once Wed (!!!!!!)...but actually, that is a massive deal to me. It was a really special day and I'm still so grateful that I was asked to be a part of it. I feel inclined to say that it was a "dreamy" day but I feel like that word is so overused in this industry and it's starting to sound cheap but I can't stop using it because it works and my vocabulary has severely suffered since completing my degrees and living off only a few hours of sleep a night. I can't remember anything I learned in University, which is really sad because as with everything, I tried really hard all those years.

 My friend Sandra Chau, who is a Sydney based stylist had reached out to talented American stylist Ginny Au. An accurate word to describe Ginny would be innovative. She is so good at what she does and see's beauty in a really natural and exciting way. Ginny mentored Sandra and part of the one on one experience was organizing a styled shoot here in Sydney.  I've been a massive fan of Ginny's styling (and ribbons!) for years now, so it was really surreal to meet her and watch her work. Honestly, I was pretty nervous because Ginny has worked with the best of the best...essentially ALL of my florist heros have worked with her before. On the drive out I found myself wishing I felt more prepared. Then again, everything I've ever read on the topic of business has been about taking opportunities even when you don't feel you are ready. Just jumping in and doing your best...or simply put, fake it till you make it. That's hard for me because generally I like to prepare 110% for everything I do and find comfort in collecting a piece of paper that costs thousands of dollars and takes years of study to tell me I am ready for something. Sounds pretty female doesn't it? Elizabeth Gilbert has a lot to say about this and I suggest if you feel the same to read "Big Magic" and then get on with it.

I learned a lot from this shoot and I'm really proud of everyone involved. And as always I had a blast working with my pals Sandra and David. I've included a few behind the scenes shots from this day because it's always interesting to see how these things come together.