The second palette in our Colour Stories Series was citrus. There are, of course, many directions you could take this but I decided on grapefruit and tangerine purely because that is what caught my eye at the market that morning. It's important to be adaptable, to be able to work with what you have, even if it wasn't what you planned on using. That's what makes a great florist and what I'm trying to get better at. My friend Myra always says a good florist can make anything look good and since here in Sydney we work with so much local product everything is very weather dependent. You absolutely must be adaptable and able to think quick on your feet if the flowers you planned on aren't available.

Working with brights doesn't come naturally to me. I love using colour but tend to gravitate towards muddy, pale or rich tones so this was a bit of an experiment for me. To keep the brights from getting overwhelming I softened things up with soft apricot and nude roses which really complimented the beautiful ingredient tags Michaela made us. I had to buy three bunches of multicoloured zinnias just to get those 3 orange stems...because when I saw them I knew I wanted them and that is just what you do to make it work.

David of We Are Origami, Sandra of Sandra Chau Design, Michaela Mcbride of Michaela Mcbride Calligraphy and Amy Chan of Amy Chan Hair & Makeup