Insomnia strikes again. Or maybe it's jetlag. Or maybe there is no excuse and it's just me, the new me who cannot sleep properly, ever. I even took the sleeping pills my doctor gave me, had a hot shower two hours before bed, did some deep breathing exercises and turned off all electronics (lol I definitely did NOT do that last one), and yet here I am...

My mind is racing with ideas and especially colour palettes I want to explore once I get back to Sydney. I'm happy to be visiting family and friends here in my beloved Toronto, but I'm missing the flowers and eager to get back to work.

The shoot below was one of my favourites. The concept was really simple, mostly about working with different palettes and textures and creating beautiful images for our portfolios. Lately I'm loving simple, minimal studio shoots. I find you can still tell a really pretty story this way. We had three different colour stories to play with and this is the first of them.

David of We Are Origami, Sandra of Sandra Chau Design, Michaela Mcbride of Michaela Mcbride Calligraphy and Amy Chan of Amy Chan Hair & Makeup