Narrowing these images down was a challenge because they all came out so beautifully! I have Kerstin Auer from Lilli Kad Photography to thank for that that. She came by while I was teaching this 1:1 workshop to capture some behind the scenes teaching and arranging, as well as final product images of what my student created.

I've been getting a lot of enquiries lately for teaching workshops, so when Olivia approached me about teaching a 1:1 I thought it would be a great way to start. I loved the entire process of planning, organizing, prepping, teaching and shooting this workshop. My mind was busy for weeks prior creating inspiration boards, collecting styling bits, vessels and props. I wanted the atmosphere to feel relaxed but informative, beautiful but realistic. Olivia and I focused on creating loose, lush and unstructured bouquets and arrangements. I talked her through my process, creating a demo bouquet and arrangement and then it was her turn to create. We had a styled tablescape set up and a model so that she could get some really beautiful images for her portfolio. It was a really lovely day.

 There are so many different styles of workshops and classes out there and I plan on holding more casual, larger group workshops in the near future. However, with 1:1's I love that that we have time to focus on the details, ask a lot of questions, give personalized instruction based on the students needs and include styled components for some great portfolio images. If you are interested in attending a 1:1 workshop please email me at info@trillefloral.com for more information.

Special thanks to Elizabeth from Wild Aesthetic Flowers. All the foliage, berries, roses and hellebores you see came from her garden. Thank you also to Kerstin from Lilli Kad Photography, you are such a talent and so easy to be around, and thank you to beautiful Lynn who was our model.