Well Trille actually turned two about four months ago, I just haven't had a moment to write about it or even think about it. I've been really busy these days but also really happy. This job can be so seasonal--feast or famine, if you will. Lately its been a feast with the Spring season fading into the Summer season and now we're in the early Autumn season without much opportunity in there to catch my breath. Winter will be the famine and I'll do lots of blogging and sleeping then.


The best parts about year two were 1- buying my van and 2-moving into my studio. Both of these proved life changing in terms of the size of jobs I could take on, my efficiency and my confidence. Being a florist without a van and working out of the second bedroom of my apartment that I had to climb 5 flights of stairs with boxes of flowers on my shoulders to get to was...rough. Every time I needed a van for a job (or even just to pop out to the store for something ) I had to rent a vehicle. Very annoying when most days you start work around 3:30am and the last person to rent the van left the gas tank empty. There were even some hilarious/rude comments about how you couldn't be a "real florist" if you didn't own a van! lol I find that so funny/odd/mean. Everyone's path looks different and if you're producing good work and taking care of your clients should it really matter how you get the work done?

My husband and I got our permanent residency, so it seemed like an appropriate time to begin searching for a van. Initially I had a list of criteria for my future van..."black, caddy, automatic, reverse camera"...and then eventually the criteria became, "van"...any van, any colour, any brand, I just needed it asap. I found one online and I knew it was mine when I saw the license plate. It spelled out my exact initials and age and career WHAT?! It felt like the stars had aligned and I truly believed that this was my van. Turns out it was! I bought it, I love it, I've already blown the speakers from singing too loud in it---it's perfection.

In the same week I convinced Noah to come look at a house with me, you know "just to see" lol. The ad online told me that there was a seperate garage, which to me meant studio! We were both totally surprised at how much we loved the house and the garage...The garage wasn't pretty, but I had mothers eyes for it. I just knew if I could clean it up and paint it white ( FIVE coats of paint!!) it would be the perfect studio for me. And it is! We applied for the house right then and there and have happily been living in it ever since. 

I adore my studio and my van. It feels like I really earned them after how difficult it was in my old apartment with all the stairs. But I am glad I had that experience because it's part of my journey and I worked really hard to start this biz with a lot going against me. To finally have a place that's mine is heaven--it really is my happiest place to be these days. I'll post some before and after shots of my studio below.