Happy Van-niversary to me! It's been 1 year since the best purchase I've ever made. While I've already outgrown this van I'm trying to avoid buying a bigger one. Living in the city and driving a massive van can be heeeeectic so for my van's birthday I had my wonderful friend install a shelf which should help create some more space. I think I feel particularly proud and bonded to my van because its actually the first vehicle thats ever been entirely mine! Somehow I managed to get through this life without ever buying one myself?! Growing up I shared a car with my brothers and then Noah and I have had a few cars together, but this one was purchased, owned, operated, loved by me! It's pretty banged up because the previous owner was a personal trainer and her weights made lots of dents and holes, but I kind of like it that way. Plus it feels as if I'm doing a nice thing filling it with soft flowers instead of heavy weights. It's been so great at getting me where I need to go, I even tried camping in it which I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!