PARIS | behind the scenes

Somehow it’s been an entire year since amazing Sophie from Sophie Kaye Photography invited me to design the flowers for her workshop in Paris. It’s truly not lost on me how special this experience was. Never in my wildest dreams did I see myself flowering in my (everyones) most favourite city and I don’t think I will ever recover! I wanted to share a little bit about that experience and I’ll try not to gush too much buuuuuuut I’m really still that embarrassingly cheesy 16 year old girl listening to Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson on repeat, writing in my Diary about how I think everything is so special and dreaming about all the places I want to eventually experience and I’m still so shocked, overwhelmed and grateful whenever something really overly lovely happens to me!

This experience really changed what I thought was possible with my career and what I want out of it. I came home to Sydney with a fire in my belly and over the last 365 days I’ve been actively pursuing new goals and really exciting doors have been opening up!

 One of the best parts was meeting and working with the team. I was so impressed with Sophie for taking on the challenge of planning a workshop overseas. Her images are beyond beautiful. They’re filled with light and have a special feminine quality about them. They often remind me of Monet paintings. Our stylist Liz from East Made Co has this fresh perspective on styling that I haven’t seen before. She’s always challenging herself to think outside what’s been done. Anna from Anna Lord Studio was our videographer, she beautifully captured really special moments that might have otherwise not been noticed. She has a brilliant eye for detail and storytelling. Julian, Drew and Justin were all around amazing assistants for the week!

Travelling anywhere from Australia is no joke. At best it will take you 30 hours door to door from Sydney to Paris. I left from setting up a wedding in Sydney straight to the airport, and hit the ground running for 7 days in Paris, and then flew back in time for 5am at the Sydney markets to start my next wedding. Add to that some shocking jetlag, zero sleep and a horrific cold. But of course I couldn’t say no…I never say no because I decided a few years ago to live my life with a “can do attitude”! That being said, it actually was not possible without the help of my beautiful friend Coralie from Wild Blossom Flowers. She lives in Paris and was my assistant for the week. I am forever grateful for her help, energy, guidance, language skills (haha) and talented hands.  

I wanted to share some behind the scenes photos I took on my iphone because I really like the story they tell.

Paris, I’ll see you again in 3 weeks :)